Thursday, June 30, 2011

Johnny's gone...let's talk about Bo!

Well, Johnny left Tuesday on the ship. I've been staying really busy this week so it hasn't really bothered me too much until the sun goes down. I'm used to him being gone during the day so there's not anything unusual about that...but when 7:30 rolls around and he hasn't walked through the door I start thinkin "uh oh...better pick another disney movie to watch so the boogey man doesn't get you tonight". I have no idea why but as soon as the sun goes down I turn into a 5 year old. I have night lights all through the house. I make sure that whatever I watch or read before I go to bed is "happy". I run up the stairs as if someone is chasing me. I know there is nothing in my house and I know that it is very silly to act the way I do, but I just cannot help it! Also, I haven't decided if Bo would alert me to a trespasser or not. He's a lover not a fighter. He is Georgia's opposite. I took him to a play date with some other puppies that we know and while they were all running around and growling and being rough and rowdy Bo would run up to them and just kiss them until they ran away from him. Poor guy. He ended up hanging out with the fat old shih-tzu that ABSOLUTELY did not want to have anything to do with those crazy kids. This does worry me a little when I think about my sweet little Peach. She does have quite the growl. I am sure they will get along brilliantly.

Bo had quite the dramatic reaction to Johnny leaving. He knew there was something going on the night before Johnny left. The morning of he would not eat anything. He stayed out of the way (which is very unlike his puppy personality) and seemed very sad. When Johnny got everything ready to go I scooped "little" Bo up and we went outside to wave bye to "Daddy". Bo started whimpering when Johnny got in his car, which I thought was very sweet, and we waved bye bye and went back inside. I figured we would go play with his favorite toy (the tassle) and everything would be ok. Not really. Bo marched straight to his kennel and started throwing up. I put him outside and gave him some water while I got dressed to go to the airport. I was in a rush to get the airport as soon as it opened because I needed to get Johnny's kindle..and when I put Bo in his kennel he was still throwing up. I had no choice..I had to leave him and get on my way.

After driving the entire span of the island trying to locate the Kindle I felt like throwing up too. BUT the good news is Johnny got his kindle and it was loaded with many great things for him to read while he's stuck in his "state room".

I have been sick since Johnny left so I know this post is leaving a lot to be desired as far as information goes...and I am sorry I have been so bad at blogging. I will try to be better! For now, I am going to leave y'all with some pictures of the Bowman. Youngest to oldest:

First visit to the vet!

My sweet boy falls asleep in the strangest ways...

After this I made the decision to let him keep this yarn...he still LOVES it.

He gets a lot of compliments on his white socks. But it's his dirty face I like!

His favorite toy. A gold tassle. He fell asleep chewing on it :)

Listening to stories from Uncle Justin and his girlfriend Kitsuna (japanese for fox)

This is Bo talking. He does it all the time...we have many conversations throughout the day.

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  1. I could listen to Bo talk all day. He's one cool puppy. I hope he doesn't lose that characteristic when he gets bigger. You might eventually even tech him to speak english. I bet he could do it
    I Love You,