Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Here are a few pictures since I know everyone is DYING to see how we are living. I promise more will come once all of our stuff arrives in May (thats why the house looks so empty) and I apologize for the quality..these were all taken with my iphone.

The living room

The dining room

kitchen and breakfast table

upstairs hallway

Johnny's office - I've told him he can decorate however he wants :)

The third bedroom (currently occupied by all of the boxes of furniture I have assembled)

master bedroom

view of our cove from the bedroom window

back of the house

view of backyard from the office - and Japan on the other side of the military gate lol

And just because....
we went out to our favorite restaurant last night. It's a Thai restaurant and the owner knows us already :)

I hope y'all enjoy! More to come as I take them :) All of our love!


  1. Your house looks awesome! Everything looks so neat..hard to believe Johnny lives there. Will be interesting to see how his "office" turns out :p
    Enjoy the food :)

  2. Well, "my office" isn't quite that neat. Thanks for the comment Newton, miss ya man.

  3. Looks Great! I love the furniture!

  4. Awesome, awesome, awesome! You'll have that house looking like a palace in no time. You two are becoming quite the Asian food connoisseurs. I love You.